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Welcome to our sexy blog that provide world's top model and sexy actress picture and videos , hot picture but not nude or naked , we don't post any porn material . Indonesian actress are very beautiful , they have Asian beauty, especially when they wear a bikini / swimsuit , it looks very nice on them . Every celebrities has own charateristic , celebrity with big breast but less beautiful face , celebrity with very beautiful face but less sexy body , and many more , but still they are very hot . As a normal people , i love to see beautiful and sexy woman , but actually if you look at the celebrity more closely , many of them that not beautiful , they looks very attractuve because her face his covered by thick make up. But notall of them are like that , many actress are still beautiful naturaly , but in my opinion there are only limited actress that both beautiful and smart , just a little number of celebrity that have both. As a movie lover , i want to critize Indonesia serial movie , because most of them are totally uneducated movie , they only tell abot cruel step mother , desperate poor people , and many other bad things, things like that only make Indonesian poeple more desperate in facing the reality , they usually act as a college girl (cewek jakarta , cewek abg , gadis seksi) or poor girl. Ok stop with the nonsense here , just enjoy the picture , i hope you like it. but what can i say? The market love it , especially less educated segment , that was just my opinion , i don't know what is your opinion. Ok stop to talking that stuff, just enjoy the hot pictures and videos ( if any)